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Naked bike ride

stelviostelvio Posts: 1,422
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  • rgismergisme Posts: 1,598
    Was it today? Oh really? Oh damn. I've missed it for another year [:)]
  • OldkneesOldknees Posts: 214
    It was brill. The fun of riding stark naked and shocking the hell out of people whilst at the same time removing cars from the central London in a way that Mr Livingstone could never do will stay with me for as long as I live.

    The sad thing was bashing my rear bracket (yes painful) on a step and sending half my campag rear changer to campag heaven. I did the whole ride in one gear! Good job I'd brought the workshop with me.

    Then the 12 mile cycle home afterwards. Good practise for pedle spinning. I would not have missed it for the world and shall be going next year too.

    slow is good too
    slow is good too
  • OldkneesOldknees Posts: 214
    Actually I don't think we shocked anybody. It was a wonderfull atmosphere - <u>everybody</u> smilled

    slow is good too
    slow is good too
  • Tourist TonyTourist Tony Posts: 8,628
    My bike is always naked......

    If I had a stalker, I would hug it and kiss it and call it George...or censored
    If I had a stalker, I would hug it and kiss it and call it George...or censored ... =3244&v=5K
  • peterbrpeterbr Posts: 2,076
    I saw some of the pictures. I would have thought regular cyclists would be slightly less saggy.

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  • OldkneesOldknees Posts: 214
    No saggy is what I am best at. Tough for sprinting but great for momentum(fat sods cycle too).

    In a way that was one of the things that the ride was about. It made the statement that we are not all supermen and superwomen and we shouldn't feel bad about our bodies. Just rejoice in the diversity. Body politics can get a bit deep.

    I just enjoyed riding my bike through the middle of London on a Saturday afternoon, in the sunshine, stark naked. Worries me that I may have enjoyed it a <i>little too much</i>.


    slow is good too
    slow is good too
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