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Short sharp trainign for London to Brighton

TynancpTynancp Posts: 160
howdy, used to commute a lot, jacked it in six years ago, volunteered to stand in for someone for London to Brighton while boozed last weekend

since then I've figured this would be a good time to sell the scooter and start cycling to work again, 12 and a bit miles each way

anyhow, I've done this week and already improved from sheer murder to grimly getting there in relatively good shape, I've got a new bike, new shorts and whizzy clipless pedals, all good, all I don't have is strength and stamina

what I'm wondering is should I cycle Mon to Fri next week with only Sat as a break, still quite sore in the censored and thigh areas, is the extra fitness I'd get from five/four days going to outweigh any tiredness and soreness? Our group isn't going for records, I understand we're stopping at pubs

and should I doing any sort of eating the day before, all a bit of a blank for me that sort of thing

any other tips

including stop being a big girl, it's a piece of wee fun day, you're taking it too seriously


ooh and should I plain and simple forget about trying to cycling the Ditchling Beacon thing, is it seriously majorly unheard of huge? the nice man in the friendly bike shop as good as said forgettaboutit


  • farrellfarrell Posts: 1,323
    don't drink and drive

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  • farrellfarrell Posts: 1,323
    forgot the [:)]

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  • TynancpTynancp Posts: 160

    lager shandy I'm thinking, I'm suspecting by then the nature of the day will be clear, and I'm hoping it will be a leisurely if long wobble to the seaside, some of the people photoed wheezing at the top of the big hill near the end cheer me up

    I used to cycle home quite boozed quite lot when younger, fast and reckless with rubber bones summed it up, had some absurd accidents but never got hurt, invulnerable you might say

    dope wasn't good though, horrific tunnel vision
  • Really don't worry about it, there will be near 30,000 riders doing it, it is practically impossible to go fast, there are stops every two miles plus no one is timing you. Just go out and ride your bike to the end. I did it last year on a borrowed bike after no training at all including not being on a bike for years and managed it no problem.

    Ditchling Beacon is steep and fairly long so walk up if you want, you will not be the only one doing so. The run from here into Brighton is amazing though and you should get a lot of speed up as it is all down a big steep hill.

    Only need to put some training in if you're planning to come back on your bike too ;)
  • TynancpTynancp Posts: 160
    cheers fella, the week I've done to work has already lifted me from shattered to just tired out

    back as well ... yuk yuk

  • TynancpTynancp Posts: 160
    done and dusted, really really good fun barring lots of standing and pushing up gentle hills early on because the numpties were pushing right across the roads, went like a train for long stretches, amazed myself

    pasta dinner, porridge breakfast, three bananas, one apple, couple of sweets, one cookie, lots and lots of water, made it up the beacon barring a stop and puff a third of the way up, found the full granny ring thereafter and made it up, some bad tempered bickering between those trying to cycle it and those pushing and trying to use almost the whole road, those trying to cycle were '****ers' apparently

    finished in good shape with the two quickest riders in our group of ten for three hours in the pub before the rest of our group arrived

    cycled in today with no real problems, perhaps tomorrow will be stiff as a board day, comedy sunburn around shorts/shirt/hat combo
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