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Wheel Magnets for Flat Bladed Spokes?

overthehilloverthehill Posts: 32
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The magnet supplied with my ksyrium wheels is not detected by my Shimano Flightdeck sensor. Despite moving it up and down/to and fro about the sensor, I get virtually nothing. It might work for a couple of minutes sometimes but that's it. I attached the Shimano-supplied magnets, which is a lot bigger to one of the spokes with masking tap. Hey presto - all is fine.

Obviously I can't really ride around like this as it would fall off, and there isn't really any way of fixing that magnet to the wheel. So I think I have two choices. Firstly to buy another Mavic magnet, in the hope that the one I have is just dodgy - or better still to try and find a different type that is bigger and more powerful. Does anyone know of anything that might fit the bill?

Thanks in advance


  • monty_dogcpmonty_dogcp Posts: 382
    Any magnet should work - are your sure yours is close enough? You can buy small magnets from the likes of Maplin that you could just bond to your spoke - try getting a small magnet and taping it to the spoke to see if it works
  • PirahnaPirahna Posts: 1,315
    I use a Cateye magnet on my Eurus wheels. It will definately fit on your Mavic.
  • maddog_2cpmaddog_2cp Posts: 73
    wiggle do magnets for bladed spokes

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    Drop bars are a historical accident...... discuss
  • Cheers folks. There's a Maplins just down the road from where I work, so I'll try that first. (Tried <i>everything</i> for about an hour last night - I've gone so close that the magnet/sensor rub together, but to no avail. And I've the same set up on other bikes, but can just use the Shimano-supplied magnet, due to different spokes).
  • chuckleschuckles Posts: 44
    I bought a Mavic magnet that fitted lovely to the flat spokes but did not register with my Polar CS200 at all despite seeming to be stronger, (yes, I have tried everything). Have now had to reattach the original magnet and twist the spoke around slightly to get it working which is not ideal obviously but seems to work.

  • SDPSDP Posts: 665
    go & look on ebay ( i entered Zipp & magnet )

    i got 5 from germany for about œ4 inc P&P ..tiny magnets & i glued them onto flat spoke & wrapped a bit oif tape as well.. works perfick with the flightdeck ..
  • My ES came with a Mavic bladed spoke magnet and worked fine with Flightdeck.

    Does the sensor sense other magnets? Is the battery Ok?


  • MarktaMarkta Posts: 767
    The Mavic sensor magnet that came with my ESs works a treat on my S720i speed sensor...

    You've probably already considered this but maybe worth a mention - apart from the magnet being close enough, have you tweaked the up/down alignment to make sure the magnet is transmitting to the sweet spot of the sensor?
  • RouleurRouleur Posts: 30
    Daft as this may seem, try increasing the gap. My mavic magnets dont work unless they are more than 5mm away. Suspect a stronger flux density may lengthen the pulse to much for the 'puter to register.

    Thank God for Atheists!
    Thank God for Atheists!
  • Well I went for the Maplins solution. Works a treat. New magnet for the princely sum of œ1.41 from the components counter and a bit of insulating tape (which I'll replace with a dab of glue on the spoke at some point).
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