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Road disc wheelset

Matt CMatt C Posts: 114
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Looking for a set of new geared disc wheels for my Roadrat. Used for commuting over country lanes and bridleway bashing. Would quite like option of running some wider tyres (even 1.8 29ers) for off-road.Any recommendations of hub/rim combos or where to buy; cheap would be good! Thinking of something like XT 6 bolt hubs with Mavic A719's. Currently running fixed on a set of Goldtecs, but knee problems forcing adoption of gears. [:(]


  • Matt CMatt C Posts: 114
    Know one run discs then?
  • maddog_2cpmaddog_2cp Posts: 73
    is the Roadrat rear hub 135mm?

    Mavic do a 700c disc wheelset but I'm not sure if it's 130mm or 135. It's called the speedcity. Checkout the duff Mavic website.

    Otherwise, the 719s are a good choice. I run the cheaper 319s on my winter wheels and they've taken a decent amount of abuse. XT hubs are decent but they aren't light.

    If you want cheap, just do it wheel by wheel.

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  • Matt, you might want to read the Cotic website. forks have been recalled

    Mleh Mleh Mleh
  • Matt CMatt C Posts: 114
    THanks for that Steve - I had the mail from Cotic on Friday, they are sending out replacement forks.
  • monty_dogcpmonty_dogcp Posts: 382
    I built my wheels using XT 6-bolt hubs - cheap on E-bay @ œ50/pr - and some Ambrosio Excellence rims - pretty light but plenty tough. You may need to run a wider rim if you're looking to run 1.8" tyres
  • i'm using XT on open pro. look very nice

    Mleh Mleh Mleh
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