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Polar Precision Performance SW

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This is a plea- does anyone know of an idiots guide or demo that shows how to use the software effectively. The manual/help file is 100 odd pages and not user friendly. i dearly want to customise the graphs and analyse the data and to be honest i don't know where to start.. i'm good for the setting up of the S725X and downloading profiles exercises etc but the graphs? Help!



  • wintwint Posts: 52 But if you do find anything can you let me know please.

    The best way I found was to just mess about with it until it does something near to what you want it to.
    I have it working fine on my computer, but if I ever have to upload it to abother computer (a hard drive died on me before) it takes me an age of fiddling about to get it to present things how I want.
  • hevipedalhevipedal Posts: 2,475
    Have you tried emailing Polar UK - they are very helpful.

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  • Thanks- i shall make Polar my first port of call and see what they have to offer...

  • donald_iidonald_ii Posts: 98
    If it's any help, here's a micro summary of the basics ( i.e. as far as I ever got )

    Select a day in the calander view
    - tab between exercise 1 .. 2 .. etc. ( if you have more than one that day )
    -click on the curve
    - View | View Active Properties ( to faff around with the displayed data scales etc. )

    The one which took me ages to find, was how to set units - e.g. altitude to meters not feet:
    -Options | Person Properties | Measurement Units

    These seem to get saved to C:\Program Files\Polar\Polar Precision Performance\{YOUR_NAME}\{YOUR_NAME}.ppd , but they not did use XML or obvious tagging within each data group :-(
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