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First TT after only wet sportives for training

oldwelshmanoldwelshman Posts: 4,733
Steeeve, I eventually had a go at a 10 [8D]
I was going to race at MK bowl but my legs were still a bit crampy from the 123 miles of the wet gran fondo in Wales so I thought I would do some steady miles tonight and went past the club 10 so thought I would have a go [8D]
So my interval training consisted of the dartmoor classic in the rain followed by the Cymru gran fondo in the rain so good TT specific training there, 223 miles in the rain [8D]
So I was on my road bike and I saw all these flashy carbon TT bikes with carbon wheels, and to make things worse I paid my œ1 and signed on, only to see a Pink Evans car turn up with Gordon McCauley in it and he signed on 2 places behind me[:D]
I had no HRM, no watch just me and my bike.
My aero position was censored , my legs were aching and I probably did 11 miles due to wavering across the road [:D]
I looked behind me on the start line to see 2 cool carbon TT bikes, on one was Gordon.
I set off with no idea what I was doing or how hard to go and was almost laughing at the start thinking what am I doing?[8D]
My pride made me have a go and my goal was to try to keep Gordon behind me for more than a mile [:D]
I was surprised to reach the turn having not been caught, but I could see him menacingly just after.
He caught me on a bit of hill after turn and went by.
Now I know your not supposed to draft but I was curious to know what sort of effort he was doing and how fast so I pushed to catch him and went behind him, but only for about 250m then let him go [:D] (could only probably managed another 250m [:D]) Then I realised I had no computer so could not see how fast he was going anyway !!
I plodded on and eventually finished with 24:06 which I suppose is not bad for first 10, unplanned, no traiing and no prep and likely to be one of a very few 10's I will do [:D]
Gordon did 20:41.
Steve what time are you currently doing for a 10?
My mate said I can borrow his TT bike when he is on holidays so I might have a ride or 2 on it then have one more go just to see the difference [8D]

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