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Forced Layoff

weebobcpweebobcp Posts: 2

New to the forum and hoping someone can help.

Due to a back injury I'm not able to currently get out on the bike. I'm by no means an experienced or very fit rider, usually average about 8 hours per week, with the majority being off road.

Wondering how long I can be off the bike, before it will have an effect on my fitness. "Use it or lose it" keeps coming to mind.




  • jsmithfymjsmithfym Posts: 296
    about 2 weeks
  • ut_o_cyklaut_o_cykla Posts: 58
    I think different parts of fitness disappear at different rates. Certainly after 2 weeks top end stuff will have dwindled, unused muscles start to 'waste' but personally I think your body 'remembers' so when you start again you can pick up faster than a beginner.

    An injury or longer illness will probably mean building up sensibly over a period of time similar to how long you were off though. Its usually the mental aspect that is tiresome if you're used to exercising. Perhaps you can find something else that fills the time/exercises you without hurting your back.

    Get help for the back if it doesn't get better soon - sports physio perhaps if its sports related.

    get well soon!

    pousse moi s'il vous plait
    pousse moi s\'il vous plait
  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
    Try swimming.

    I was advised to swim to get fit enough to cycle.

    Built up the strength in my back up again.

    I was told not to do the breast stroke, front crawl is best.

    It should help keep your stamana


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    Padded shorts![:D]

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  • xioxio Posts: 212
    I'm currently 7 weeks since fracturing my spine. No exercise for 6 weeks, and now am being recommended walking, swimming and a static bike. Biggest noticeable difference is lack of core strength. Thinking of pilates, but will probably wait until the 3 month all clear is given. Bought as turbo, so I'm now back on the bike (of sorts) and pleasantly surprised at my level of fitness - was expecting bad things. I'd probably average about 8 hours a week normally, so similar to yourself.
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