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trouble with thumbs?

Its a bit of a weird one but was wondeirng if anybody else has experienced the same thing - when I get bak from my ride in the morning I have real dificulty getting my thumbs to do anything. The seem to have no power in them and its come down to even having to use my teeth to undo the clip on my helmet as I cant press my thumb and fre finger together t do it.

I've heard f cyclists getting raynards disease but was thinking what about something like and rsi r carpal tunnel syndrome? Anyone hear of stuff like this before? Or could it be the early onset of arthritis of some sort?


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  • andrewgturnbullandrewgturnbull Posts: 3,861
    Hi there.

    You could try double wrapping your bar tape for extra cushioning. Buy a new roll of tape and just wrap it on top of what you've already got.

    That and try changing hand positions regularly while riding.

    Cheers, Andy
  • ut_o_cyklaut_o_cykla Posts: 58
    I lost my thumb/forefinger 'grip' somewhere in the Mosel valley on a long tour using flats/barends. Although the varied riding that followed helped a bit it actually took WEEKS to compeletely come back (rather tricky brushing teeth!). A physiotherapist suggested later that it could have been a 'neck issue' or tension across the upper chest. It didn't seem to be a direct hand pressure issue; it was 4 weeks into a tour but it started to improve after the unchanging trudge through the Mosel valley. So Andy's advice to shift around a bit should help, but you might like to check out head/neck/torso position/tensions.

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