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What do you do on a rainy day?

LatinoLatino Posts: 52
Hi all

I always go out on Sundays for a long ride. If the weather is nice, I'll go out for four hours or so, but usually, if the weather looks threatening or if I can see it changing from drizzle to sunny and back all the time, I'll head out locally to a hill or do a loop for a couple of hours instead, or until I've had enough rain for a day.

But today, the weather just looks crummy. I hasn't stopped raining since I got up at 8am this morning, and the forecast is for rain, rain and more rain, non stop. I just can't face going out like this, specially since I don't have an old beater bike I don't mind getting muddy/dirty.

I'll probably hit the turbo, but I can't do more than an hour on that thing before my mind just cries in desperation out of boredom. But my training plan has a long ride in for the weekend!!

So, what do you do on days like today? bite the bullet and hit the turbo for a couple of hours? screw the training and watch a movie instead? head out knowing you'll get soaking wet within half an hour, and that you'll have to spend the afternoon cleaning the ins and outs of your bike?

This is really annoying me now. I was looking forward all week to a nice ride today :(


  • Simon NotleySimon Notley Posts: 1,263
    I am in the same boat (an appropriate metaphor in the circumstances), but I don't even have a turbo... I seem to be alternating between really good weekends of training (did 140 miles last w/e and the one two weeks before that) and weekends where circumstances conspire such that I just do nothing...


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  • nmcgannnmcgann Posts: 1,780
    Turbo. Just finished the "Galibier TT" video on the iMagic.

    It lightened up a touch about 8:30am and I almost took the bait and went on the club run....but it's chucked it down steadily ever since so I made the right call.

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  • amcgill66amcgill66 Posts: 59
    Turbo for a couple of hours, then rest up. One long ride won't make much of a difference, so I'd chill out and watch the Giro this afternoon.......

    The northern lights of old aberdeen.... have just gone out!
    The northern lights of old aberdeen.... have just gone out!
  • stevejmo7stevejmo7 Posts: 69
    Went out anyway intending to do 3 hours. After 45 miles in the Sun wearing jersey open to the waist yesterday, seriously understimated the cooling effect of wind on a nine degree day with rain. Wore far less than I should have, got REALLY cold(fingers were throbbing) and wet so turned back and only did 27 miles. [:(]
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  • grimpeurcpgrimpeurcp Posts: 3,043
    Just ride in the rain anyway, it's only water. I have never and I mean never, cancelled a ride because it was raining.
  • I'm in exactly the same position. This was my last day before a rest day so was quite looking forward to getting out and doing a short 25mile ride. But got up at 4.30am as usual and it was chucking it down so decided not to bother but now it seems ok and its too late for me to go riding[V]

    I'm gutted really. What do people do about eating on rest days usually? DO you eat more to replenish stocks and feed the resting body or do you eat less because you're not exercising that day? I always have issues with what to do about food on rest days and cant make my mind up whats the best.

    Will have to wait til tomorrow I guess...


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  • BlackHelmetBlackHelmet Posts: 113
    Left the bike at home and headed for the hills for an hour long run with a friend - I don't mind running in the rain, but hate, really hate, cycling in the rain!
  • vernonlevyvernonlevy Posts: 969
    <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by Latino</i>

    Hi all

    So, what do you do on days like today? bite the bullet and hit the turbo for a couple of hours? screw the training and watch a movie instead? head out knowing you'll get soaking wet within half an hour, and that you'll have to spend the afternoon cleaning the ins and outs of your bike?
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    I ride on rainy days.

    Having said that, I was lucky enough to have my 200km ride scheduled for yesterday rather than today though I would have gone out. I've been out and about on my mountain bike today.

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  • DaveyLDaveyL Posts: 5,167
    Two hours on the bike in the gym. The only thing that was boring about it was the Grand Prix on TV...
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  • mr_hippomr_hippo Posts: 1,051
    Once you get wet, you cannot get any wetter! I am 'fortunate' because we have a rainy season and not England's 'four seasons in one day' type of weather but when it rains it rains!
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  • nickwillnickwill Posts: 2,735
    What do I do? Just ride my bike!
    I'm fortunate that a group of us meet up on a Sunday morning whatever the weather. I think motivation would be harder if it was a solo ride.

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  • Fab FoodieFab Foodie Posts: 5,155
    Go out and get wet.
    It's also good training for when you have a proper ride to do and it's stair-rods. Chance to check-out the right kit combinations for different conditions etc.

    The pessimists of this world are rarely disappointed....
    Fab's TCR1

    The pessimists of this world are rarely disappointed....
    Fab's TCR1
  • ClaireVClaireV Posts: 967
    I was entered for a triathlon so didn't have a lot of choice other than to go and do it in the torrential rain. I'm pretty sure I was wetter at the end than when I finished the swim - by then I had sopping wet shoes and race belt and race number as well. At least it was so wet my bike actually came out of it fairly clean though!
  • BooboocpBooboocp Posts: 1,156
    If I absolutely can't get out, then it would be 2 hours turbo in the morning and another 2 hours in the afternoon. That would be as good as any long ride I could do on the road.

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  • Simon NotleySimon Notley Posts: 1,263
    I decided I was just being weak and went out and did 50 miles in the rain. Well worth it, feel that I haven't totally wasted my day now.


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  • LatinoLatino Posts: 52
    Well, I ended up digging out a spinervals training DVD a friend had lent me a while ago and hitting the turbo for an hour and a half. I had never used those training DVDs before, but today I just couldn't face the rain, nor could I be bothered with having to clean the bike afterwards.

    So not a complete waste, but after an hour and a half on the turbo I couldn't take it any more. Nothing beats going out for a proper ride.

    Still, if the weather is as nasty as this next Sunday, I can see myself in front of that telly pedaling like an idiot to the command of an exaggerated American accent

    Cheers all, and to those who did go out, you've got that cleaning to look forward to! :D
  • kmahonykmahony Posts: 380
    I sat at home eating and ordering bike stuff off t'internet.

    If it wasn't for hangovers, I'd ride everyday.
  • ClaireVClaireV Posts: 967
    Sounds like you were the most sensible out of all of us then. It's still absolutely chucking it down here - makes me want to curl up in bed with a good book for the next few days.
  • nolfnolf Posts: 1,287
    Would have happily gone out for a 4 hour ride with the club.....

    But no-one turned up [:(]

    2 hours solo in proper torrential rain and strong winds. After 2 hours I thought, could either keep on going alone for another 35 miles or I could have a shower and chat with friends on MSN....

    Was pleased I wore lot's of clothing tho for the ride. Went out in bib tights- base layer, short sleeve jersey, long sleeve jersey and gilet for the whole ride. Didn't even get that hot. Was just pleasently warm at the end. [:)] And by the end I could see my breath!

    I mean this is May right!?!?

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  • SteveR_100MilersSteveR_100Milers Posts: 5,987
    There were a few hundred like minded folls riding the cymru gran fondo - it was down to 3 deg C at the tops of the climbs and raining in that unique way it does in snowdonia. After yesterday, I'd say riding in the rain and cold in the mountains is for idiots. Next time a nice flat 25 or 50 TT along some dual carriageway down in the warmth of the valleys for me.

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  • LatinoLatino Posts: 52
    Ha ha, yeah, I know three chaps who are doing the Tour Of Wessex this weekend. I really feel sorry for that lot [:)]
  • oldtrackieoldtrackie Posts: 171
    Relax, take it easy, have a rest day!
  • got up sunday it was very wet just got on my kit and did 57 miles.met up with two club mates half way round which helped.
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