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TDF Sportive - perfect training ride 10th June

The Essex Tunner with Orchid. 100 miles of undulating countryside similar to the ride through Kent, 3 weeks before, ridden in groups and you can register on-line. Starts and ends Billericay in Essex, with free parking. ... ycle-essex

Hope to see you there.


  • andyhufandyhuf Posts: 30
    Signed up last week. Went out this morning and did 75 miles, as I have never tried a hundred before. I think if I can do 75 a 100 should be within my limits as long as I don't get lost!

  • Andy,
    There is such a mix of ability on the 100 you are highly unlikely to get isolated and lost. The route directions are very clear but more importantly the 100 ride is likely to have around 200 riders(hopefully more) If you get dropped from a faster group there is always someone to sweep you up and ride with. The other beauty is the last 15 miles joins up with the 40 then 20 mile route and is signed to the finish.
    Good luck.
  • urrrrrrrrrsurrrrrrrrrs Posts: 478
    lugz mate,
    is there anything else planned for this year ?? it's too short notice for me as i have got other commitments for that weekend

    its a shame i didnt see this earlier as myself have suffered from cancer and would liked to have done something !!! and tested myself as i have only been cycling for 3 months let us know !!!!

    i'd rather have a bottle in front of me,than a frontal lobotomy

    8th March 2010,Spain ,Here I come !!!!!!
  • andyhufandyhuf Posts: 30
    Cheers Lugz that is reassuring to know, I would hate to be last and lost. Looking forward to it in a strange way.

  • paul.deepaul.dee Posts: 156
    Are the 75 and 100 mile route going to be sign posted this year?
    Last year was a great ride but the lack of sign posted directions slowed everything down.
    A great fun day out though will be doing it again. Last year was fun right up till someone had an argument because he missed the 75/100 split and it all seemed to go to pot after that.
  • Tony666Tony666 Posts: 274
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