Frog race bike upgrade tip

As my daughter gets older and taller, the frequency of changing bikes is getting more an more expensive. She has a Frog 70 double that is tall enough frame wise, but the 26" wheels, rubbish cantilever brakes and microshift 9 speed gears are an issue. I've managed to fit a Shimano Tiagra 4700 groupset (that I got very cheap) to the bike and some long drop brake callipers that mean the bike will now take full size wheels when the time comes. The standard rear wheel takes a 10 speed cassette allowing her to use an 11-34 cassette and a better range of gears. Much cheaper than shelling out for a XS adult bike giving the current rip off prices.

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    Am I missing something, long reach calipers mean brake pads closer to the hub so how does that allow you to fit bigger wheels?

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    I spent ages looking for a small frame that was fitted with 700c wheels, so many have 650c wheels.

    Managed to find an as new (30 miles ridden) beautiful 44cm 9spd Bianchi only 20 miles from me for £290.

    Popped some 34cm bars (£20) on, and a new (£16 iirc) rear derailleur which allowed me to fit a bargain 11-36 cassette (it came with a stingy 11-27!), combined with the 50/34 gives her a fantastic range of gears.

    I'm fairly confident this will last her a few years, as I can fit wider bars, fit a longer seatpost/stem, and when I fitted the new bars, corrected the stem orientation, and slammed it, as there isn't that much seatpost showing currently.

    *her other bike is a frog 73.

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    The adjustment on the long drop calibers is enough.

    I ride a bike. Doesn't make me green or a tree hugger. I drive a car too.