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ledzepp007ledzepp007 Posts: 26
edited May 2020 in Road buying advice
Made an earlier post re: Canyon and it was pointed out elsewhere that I should give them a full chance to respond first before complaining and I think that’s fair. Mods please feel free to delete in the meantime. Thanks


  • ibr17xviiibr17xvii Posts: 1,013
    Was the cut steerer tube & the lack of chargers not mentioned in the description or at the very least in the case of the steerer tube shown in the photos? If not I know it's no returns but I would've thought you had a strong case if in your opinion the steerer tube is cut too much.

    Canyons customer service can be very hit & miss to say the least. I have an Endurace which when I bought it from them had a small issue that was rectified & TBH I couldn't fault them. Appreciate there are many stories to the contrary though.

    Guess it depends if you do want to return the bike or not. Either way get onto them & see what they say. At the very least they should be sending you a charger FOC if it isn't mentioned in the description.
  • dannbodgedannbodge Posts: 1,054
    I'd get back in contact and ask for a charger FOC and maybe some new forks.
    If they weren't in the listing on the website then you can claim that it's not as described.
  • ledzepp007ledzepp007 Posts: 26
    Appreciate the responses and suggestions, folks. I think it makes sense to see what Canyon says before putting something out there that is negative, so I’m gonna request that the moderators delete this thread for now.
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