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Too good to be true?

andi1363andi1363 Posts: 350
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I noticed this Specialised Tarmac SL4 Pro for £750on Ebay. its local and the right size! I will go and look at it but wonder if anyone has any expert knowledge? I know there was a fork recall and this bike has odd looking forks and unmatched wheels. ... 1438.l2649


  • Well the ebay seller looks about as good as it gets... Member since 2003, 3000+ feedback, 100% positive, feedback for hundreds of bikes sales. OK most are a bit more downmarket than this, but they have sold bikes for considerably more too. Whilst you can never be totally certain with eBay, this looks like a seller that has a decent business going on so unlikely to want the risk of selling anything dodgy & negative feedback etc.

    Bike itself has lots of mismatched components but to me that screams second bike made from parts rather than anything else. It looks a very good but not necessarily outrageous price bearing in mind it's not the top end model, its two generations old, and it's hotchpotch of parts spec.

    If you live nearby, definitely check it out in the flesh.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    That's a whole lot of mismatch going on. Wonder if the front wheel and fork were written off in a crash ?
  • andi1363andi1363 Posts: 350
    So I went and looked. Forks are indeed non original. They are brand new SL5's. The mech and shifters are Durace 11 speed and almost mint. I liked the bike so made an offer. The wheels, chainset and finishing kit will be going on ebay. I needed a new frame as my Sensa has a crack. Cheers for the advice
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