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EPS rear derailleur and 11-29 cassette

naavtnaavt Posts: 226
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I'm almost at a point of switching my Record mechanical for a Record EPS V3.

I've been running a 52/36 with a 11-27 for some years now but I'm getting old, and starting to think about adding 2 rear cogs at the largest sprocket.

Planned to go the 11-29 route but came across a Campag tech manual stating that it won't work with a rear EPS derailleur. Only 11-27 or 12-29 will do.

I very much like the added speed of a 52/11 combo instead of a 52/12, but I would certainly welcome more 2 cogs at the rear end with my 36 front chainring.

Does anyone here had a try with a rear EPS and an 11-29 cassette?



  • rjgrrjgr Posts: 51
    I noted the same guidance from the technical literature.

    Installed Record EPS on a bike previously running Super Record mechanical (2012 vintage) primarily because I broke a front shifter and was hacked off at a crazy replacement cost for a single front lever. Zero issues with 11-25, 12-27 or 11-29 cassettes running on the various wheelsets I swap around. I am running a 52-36 front chainring combination with TA chainrings in place of the Campag OEM but I don't think that alters the rear cassette clearance one way or another.

    My conclusion EPS is brilliant, never a shift wrong from installation onwards.

    If you can afford it - go for it!

    After all as I said to the wife - "What's an extra couple of hundred quid .........."

  • I have Record or SR EPS on all but a couple of my road bikes. I've used all the cassette combinations you've listed with 53/39 and 52/36 up front and no problems whatsoever. Just make sure the chain is the correct length for your setup.
  • pblakeneypblakeney Posts: 15,257
    Different set up but the same advisory from Campagnolo. The maximum ratio is 16 teeth, so 11/27, or 12/28 (29 at a push, no 28 available). However, I fitted Athena 50/34 to 11/29. It worked but there was a lot of chain slack if I inadvertently crossed the chain to 34/11.
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