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how much harder is it in the corner/banking

mariamartinezmariamartinez Posts: 94
edited September 2018 in Track
Hi guys, I am looking for an answer to the question, how much harder is it in the corner/on banking on the track than the straight when maintaining approximately a steady speed (250m / 300m / or up on size). Ideally I would like to hear from someone who has measured this with a power meter. any stats would be really appreciated! thank you.


  • It was about 40w for me on a 450m track with 25 degree banking at threshold. 250m tracks will be higher, I think. Also, I think heavier riders may suffer higher power spikes than lighter ones. I'm 81kgs, so on the large side! I don't have a powermeter that works for fixed though, and I have a feeling that a fixed gear may even out the power spikes slightly. Just a suspicion though!

    Your question may be a bit technical for this forum - maybe try the Track Endurance & Omnium racing group on Facebook? ...
  • thank you!
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