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Measurements from BMC Teammachine to Roadmachine

Pickles66Pickles66 Posts: 2
edited May 2018 in Road general
Hi there,

I've recently had a bike fit on my BMC Teammachine and want to set up my BMC Roadmachine the same. I have set the saddle height, fore/aft and the same reach. However, should I set the saddle height/bar height difference the same or should the roadmachine be more upright?

Any input would be much appreciated.

Cheers :D


  • vorticevortice Posts: 244
    Not sure I understand the question. I have both. The Teammachine is set up aggressively and the Roadmachine set up to be more relaxed for longer rides.

    If I had both mine set up the same I’d never take the Roadmachine out!
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