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Identifying a spoke

roygillettroygillett Posts: 7
edited November 2017 in Workshop
Can anyone identify this spoke from the symbol stamped on the head? It snapped in my front wheel a week or so ago and I can't find a replacement

It's a straight-pull bladed "aero" spoke in silver



  • SLE spokes. You won't find a like for like replacement, don't think they trade anymore. It doesn't matter, all you need is a spoke with the same length and ideally the same gauge (or similar) most common spokes on the market are DT Swiss and Sapim. Look on their website if you find a spoke with the same characteristics (straight pull, same gauge, bladed as appropriate) as yours, then find a retailer. Worst comes to worst, you only really need a straight pull spoke of the same length
  • Yeah, I've already got a Sapim CX Ray that's a close match. Slightly slimmer and about a mm longer. I THINK it will do the trick.

    But thanks for identifying it
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