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Cheap disc wheels and gravel/cross tyres

lettingthedaysgobylettingthedaysgoby Posts: 1,689
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I currently ride a Cube Attain GTC Disc, with the stock Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels with 28mm Conti GP4000 tyres.

My 6 year old daughter is really starting to want to ride more with me, but isn't yet big/confident enough to go on actual roads. So we've been doing lots of rides round local parks and so on. What I'd like to be able to do is head out with her onto local bridleways, fire roads and tracks etc, to help her get more miles in and generally have more interesting rides.

As such I'm thinking about picking up a second set of cheap disc wheels that I can put 28mm knobbly tyres on, letting me do a quick swap as and when I go with her.

So - 1) Does this seem like a good idea*

2) Does anyone have any recommendations for cheap 12mm thru axle compatible wheels?

* n+1 is the obvious solution I know. But we live in a small house with very limited storage, and I wish to remain married :mrgreen:


  • Aren't the stock wheels like mine, the Racing 77 DBs, which are re-branded Racing Sport DBs?

    £144, cheapest I've seen them at PX this year ... r-wheelset

    IIRC, they are 17mm internal rim width, which will be fine for tyres up to ~38mm or so (way more than the alleged ~31mm clearance on the Cubes)
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