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29er 3x7 to 1x7/8 speed conversion

jsisidorejsisidore Posts: 122
edited July 2017 in MTB buying advice
Since I already don't have a front mech and probably never will I decided to go 1x, but having a 2x and shift manually is not an issue either :lol: I do like the idea of having all the gears on the back...

What gives me a headache is deciding what length and size I should go for. My current setup is 14/28 and 28/38/48 170mm. I really like 48t and don't need more but more than often switch to 38t and remember to switch back only on a long strip of flat surface which is not that common where I live.

So I'm thinking of finding a middle ground between 48t and 38t, but Ideally I would want a 32/46 and the middle between the two would be 40t which is a little bit on the small side, I need the bigger wheel more so I would compromise towards 42t and 180mm for more leverage if that makes sense.

And in the future get a new cassette, something like 11/34... sadly I can only get away with a 8-9 speed cassette on my current frame and since I already upgraded to 8 speed shifter and rear mech I'm not looking forward to converting again for the sake of an additional gear.


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