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Strava PR`s

bikes`n`gunsbikes`n`guns Posts: 959
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Question about Strava folks. I think this is the correct forum but if it needs moved so be it.

Strava shows me PR`s for segments, I know this, but does it show you relevant to the bike you assign to the ride ?

Say I ride a segment on my road bike at 40 seconds and it`s a PR, I then ride the same segment on my CX at 45 sec and this is the fastest I`ve done it on the CX, does this show as a PR ?

Or is it simply whatever is the fastest on that section is the PR for all your bikes.

The reason I ask is I got PR`s for segments on my CX that I`m absolutely sure I`ve done quicker on my road bike.
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  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    They aren't bike specific. You beat your road bike time.

    If you look in the full results for the segment you can see all your past times on it.
  • rower63rower63 Posts: 1,991
    I think you need veloviewer for that, a spin-off or sister-site to Strava, which can auto-link to Strava. It costs a little bit, but adds a big data-analysis streak to your Strava rides, including bike-by-bike, year-by-year etc etc etc
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  • davep1davep1 Posts: 802
    When I upload a file, I edit it to add a description of the ride, if anything unusual happened. There's a window to the right that shows my default bike, you can open it and select other bikes, if you have them in your profile
  • I always select the bike I used hence the question.

    So it doesn`t differentiate between the bikes then ?

    I must be getting quicker over the winter then. Can`t wait to get the road bike back out in anger :)
    Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently
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