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Boardman Pro 29'er or Kona Kahuna DDL

LinlithgowLinlithgow Posts: 4
edited November 2016 in MTB buying advice
Boardman can be bought for £850 discounted from £1,000
Kahuna DDL on offer at £1,189 discounted from £1,699

Will be doing mainly Canal path some red routes and a bit of single track (don't laugh might also do an endurance XC event) and have narrowed it down to the two above bikes and would welcome your experience and thoughts:

1. Boardman:
Positives: better fork than Kahuna (Revelation v Recon gold), cheaper, reviews say its fast. Have also seen it at Halfords and is OK re fit (I think)
Questions: I am 6'2 and biggest is large - although sat on it cant test so is it big enough? Quality control, seen a few comments re build quality issues? BB is PF30 - will it creak argh that would drive me nuts

2. Kahuna DDL:
Positives: I think it looks better. Its available in XL.
Questions: How "stretched out" low is the front end - don't want a racing snake as now 52 and like my back. Buying online cant see and try. Fork not so good.

If it wasn't a price decision which way would you with my requirements in mind?

Appreciate any help thanks


  • Hi

    i can only comment on what ive got and tried. i have a boardman pro HT 2014 model, its a 26" wheel
    but its amazing as a xc bike. ive had a quite a few bikers come over to me when im having a break and they all wanted to have a look and feel of it's built weight. because its light :)

    the boardman is a great bike with a great spec for its price, some will say they don't like halfords and thats fair enough but dont let the company name put you off. i would advise if your halfords staff in store dont seem very helpfull or useful i would advise you to get the bike un built and do it yourself.

    im going to be selling my boardman soon but thats only because i want to go full sus and i want a giant trance 27.5
  • ade555ade555 Posts: 216
    If it was me I would choose Boardman, better forks and 1x11 of the shelf plus lot cheaper, I would be very supriced if the bb will fail quickly but I'm not expert, can you upgrade or change the BB? at the end of the day bike might look better but question is does it ride better??? to get 1x11 from kona you would have to go for the 2017 model, with Kona you will pay more for brand name.

    As for build quality, never owned Boardman but in flesh they look good bikes, my best advice would be take it home in box and build your self, most bikes will just need attaching wheels, pedals, handlebars, adjust front forks to your weight ect. and maybe gear adjustment plus that way you can check every single component

    Best option would be sit on each bike and see how it feels.
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