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UK cycling startup

trdartrdar Posts: 4
Hi all,

I'm working with a London-based startup that has a vision of making stationary indoor cycling more appealing and enjoyable for cyclists. We're at the market research stage, and would greatly appreciate some feedback from the cycling community in the form of a 3-minute survey.

Our product would be designed for active and competitive cyclists like yourselves, so this feedback would mean a lot to us as we try to understand where to focus our efforts!

If you'd like to be heard, you can access our survey here:

Many thanks!


  • Have a chat with Paul at Mapdec in Kendal. He's just done exactly this. He might be able to help you.
  • BrandonABrandonA Posts: 553
    Lost interest after the first set of questions.

    Firstly, you've given no idea of what you company is so I have no idea whether I would be interested i helping you.

    Secondly, your first question did not let me say never. This is a little poor as I may cycle to work 11 times a week or I may never do it. If it is 11 then you might be able to help me do more. If it is zero then there might be a reason

    Thirdly, the last question in the first section asks about sportives in the next three months. This is winter so most people will say zero. I might be doing ten in 2017.

    Can't be bothered to waste my time with other questions based on the poor start
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