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Head Tube Bolt Questions

maveR1ckmaveR1ck Posts: 2
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Hey all,

So I just recently bought a Raleigh R-600 off craigslist. I am looking for some help – in adjusting the part of the handlebars circled in the pic forward to its current position, I stripped the hell out of the hex bolt/screw thing that goes vertically down into the head tube. I ended up having to drill into it and use a screw extractor to finally get the thing to move (probably hasn’t been adjusted in like 15 years so it was seized up real good). Luckily the screw extractor had dug in so deep I was able to get spin it the other way and get it back in really tight before it released.

Pic: ... UtrVldZcTg

I do not want to take the bolt out again as I fear I will not be able to get it back in well enough to ride safely and I am trying to keep riding at least until I can figure out how to order/buy a replacement part. However if it is an average bolt I am prepared to just take it out and bring it to home depot to match one up to it – just not sure if that’s the case.

Ultimately, my questions for you guys are:
What is that bolt/screw thing called in general (like on any bike)?
What would it be for this particular model so I can order a replacement/how can i find out?
What do you call those handlebars that adjust forward and backwards like the one in my pic?
Can anyone identify the year this R600 is from or help me figure out how to?

Sorry if these questions are all rookie questions or if this is the wrong forum section to ask, it seemed to make the most sense to me to post it here. I tried searching around a decent amount on the internet and I couldn’t find much. I can get better pics once I get home from work.

Thanks so much.


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