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Help! Trek Marlin 7, DS 8.3, or DS 8.4?

arktikarktik Posts: 2
edited June 2016 in MTB buying advice
I spend probably 2/3 of my time on trail and the other 1/3 on a road. I don't commute but I have to get to the trail or sometimes I just want to ride but no trail near ;).

Would you think I should go with a DS or a Marlin? I actually found a red DS 8.4 for $800 ($80 off) but man the red is ugly to me on there and $880 is just outside my budget to get the matte black I would want.

Do you think I should get a Marlin 7 or DS 8.3 or just suck it up and stick with red and get the 8.4 for $800 cuz its such an awesome deal and the bike is just amazing???

THANK YOU for any input!


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