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manic_essomanic_esso Posts: 92
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As I'm now almost recovered from being t-boned at 30mph by someone who came onto a roundabout without stopping, I'm trying to decider what to replace my old "good" bike that was extensively modified (like me) by the collision. I've sort of finally made up my mind about the frame and am going for a Casati Demone. However I am now faced with a couple of decisions.

1. I've always ridden Shimano Ultegra but I somehow feel it might be fraudulent putting anything other than Campag on an Italian frame. I know that's nonsense as many of the pro peleton have Italian frames with Shimano but just my gut feel. Complicating this is the economics. I am going electronic and I can get Ultegra DI2 for less than £900 which is a considerable discount compared to Chorus EPS. My understanding is that Ultegra is somewhere between Athena & Chorus so I wouldn't like to move down

2. Also given the increased availability of road bikes with disc brakes, should I consider them ? This is another question that has esoteric bias as I'm afraid they look good on my MTB but I think they just look ugly on road bikes. I've never used carbon rims (the new bike's wheels won't be either) and my understanding is the braking issue is more pronounced on carbon. To be frank, despite having cycled tens of thousands of miles over the years including some very long descents I find modern brakes on alloy rims reasonably effective. Maybe if I were to try a bike with discs I might change my mind.

Thoughts please. I've you're going to reply, try to be as objective as possible as I know how ridiculous the groupset thing can become. If someone makes a compelling case for SRAM then I'd consider that too but the electronic version is over the budget I'm looking at to be honest. The brakes issues again just needs someone to make a compelling case.

I don't probably don't need emotive replies as that's probably what's got me in this situation as it is !


  • bianchimoonbianchimoon Posts: 3,942
    re the brake issues, i've just bought a new Cervelo S3 and disc brakes were last thing on my mind to consider, Like you I've ridden many, many miles admittedly all on alu rims and never had a problem, even down Hardknot/wrynose many times in the wet so, from a performance point of view, no need. I agree with you they look ok/good on an mtb, on a road bike they take your eyes away from the important design looks of the frame/forks and look very industrial.
    I have Ultegra Di2 on the new bike that I haven't had a chance to road test yet, but all reviews, comments and experience of friends say it is the way to go, but on the other hand if you don't try it you won't miss it so if you go italian mechanical you'll be just as pleased with the result on your italian bike, either way enjoy!
    All lies and jest..still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest....
  • I've been pondering, although not really that seriously, do I need disc brakes for my next road bike, and I've come to the conclusion that although there are a 'nice to have', if it means significant extra expenditure, e.g. new groupset, new wheels etc then I can do without them. Especially since 'new bike' itself isn't likely to happen, it'll be a rolling upgrade of what I have.
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