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Frame, fork combo.

chrisD1965chrisD1965 Posts: 2
edited November 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
Hello. Hope you can help. I have a L frame 2014 specialized Crave pro 29er. I bought a new set of 2015 fox factory 32 float 100mm forks. Used them for just over 5 months and I started getting a knocking noise. Sent them to mojo. Basically I was told because I'm 6'2" and weigh about 19st the forks were over working. I had the max 120psi air in them. It blew the internals of the fork.I spoke to a really nice technician at mojo. He advised me to get a set of 36 floats. What I would like to know. My frame can only take a 100mm fork. I can get a set of 36 floats 160mm, I can get mojo to bring that down to 110mm. Would it be ok and safe to run that little bit higher on the suspension travel. Any advise would be helpful. I'm already about £600 down on the 32 floats I've just bought. So I want to make sure I get the next set right. Many thanks.


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