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changing chainring sizes

wideboywideboy Posts: 206
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Hi im looking to change my shimano ultegra di2 6800 chainrings from a 50/34 setup to 52/36 still using the 11-28 cassette, will i need to adjust the chain length or front derailleur height at all??

Thanks in advance Adam


  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    Possibly depending on where in the tight/ slack spectrum it was before

    Definitely for the FD. It will need to move up slightly. Find a you tube guide on setting up / indexing a FD.
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  • I recently changed mine. I'm okay at the moment as I have an 11-23 fitted but will need an extra link when I put an 11-28 on. If you don't ever use 52 and 28 together it shouldn't cause a problem though.
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