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Manchester/Salford to Manchester Airport

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I'll be moving down to Salford in January, and want to commute from my flat (which is right on the border of Salford and Manchester) to the Airport.

Does anyone know any decent/safe(ish) routes?

Cheers, Ian.
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  • I forgot to say that i'll be riding a Cannondale SuperSix, so on road and as smooth surfaces as possible!
    Cannondale SuperSix EVO Ultegra Di2
  • as smooth surfaces as possible!

    No such thing in Manchester
  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 4,371
    Which bit of the airport?

    I used to work at the business park by the airport and rode in from the West. As of the start of November in the immediate area:
    • Runger Lane has quite a few areas where the tarmac has worn away leaving the big stones sticking out. Not too bad but not pleasant and most of the passing vehicles don't give you much room to manoeuvre.
    • Lots of big potholes at the junction of Hasty Lane/Runger Lane.
    • The bridge over the M56 at Thorley Lane used to be the best way to the airport but it is shut and not due to be replaced until May I think.
    • The road under the M56 (Hasty Lane) is only part tarmacked, and sometimes muddy.
    • If there's a little bit of drizzle, Runger Lane floods over about 2/3 of its width at the entrance to JetParks 1.
    • The new traffic lights at Ringway Road West/Manchester Business Park don't detect cyclists. Not too much of a problem if you're just on the main road because there are always other cars around.
    • Traffic on Runger Lane is generally OK but you get the usual handful of idiots who know that you shouldn't be riding on the road
    • There are cycle lanes in the airport, but I found it easier to just use the road.
    • The usual watch out for taxis and buses turning/stopping/pulling out without warning

    There are some paths through Wythenshawe Park which are OK to cut through if you don't mind going slow (pedestrians/dogs/cars). The route through Wythenshawe to the airport is OK and a lot of it has been resurfaced for the trans, but watch out for tram tracks. Ringway Road from Shadowmoss Road to the M56 is nice and smooth.

    I think there is a cycle route through Sale Water Park. I've not tried it myself but others at my old work used to ride that way.
  • Some great info from thistle,
    I ride Salford to MIA Cargo center, as thistle said the best way was to use the M56 bridge Thorley ln route, but that's not an option at the moment. My main route is Salford, Trafford, Sale, Brooklands, Hale Barnes, with a few variations on distance I have some GPS files that I can send you if you can use them.
  • jf1jf1 Posts: 1
    Hard to imagine a route in Greater Manchester that's smooth, direct and safe - as ever it's a balancing act.

    There might be some useful ideas in the suggestions below. Wherever possible they're low-traffic or traffic-free and I think both are now (relatively!) well surfaced throughout. Max speed might be lower but avoiding congestion and traffic lights could make them quicker overall.

    From Deansgate via Chorlton Water Park, Kenworthy Woods and Wythenshawe Park: ... 71!1m0!3e1

    From Salford Quays via the Bridgewater Canal and Brooks Drive: ... 71!1m0!3e1

    It is possible to go via Sale Water Park, crossing the Mersey at Jackson's Boat, but I'm not sure it's helpful. The full route would be Deansgate to Chorlton, then this section, then continue via Brooks Drive: ... 91!1m0!3e1

    For info, here's the recent "Airport Cycleway" proposal: ... by_cycle/3 and responses to it from GMCC: ... EVIRIvz9ck and LYB: ... cycle-way/

    Feedback on the suggestions would be appreciated, especially from people with recent personal experience.

    Cheers, Jonathan.
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