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Specialized Rockhopper Comp SL stolen 21/11/14 Wakefield

Clockworkmark31Clockworkmark31 Posts: 1,053
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Absolutely gutted went to the shop on the bike today locked it up in a bike rack in the center and it was stolen.

Stolen on 21/11/2014 between 17:10 and 17:35 lock was cut with cutters happened in Wakefield center on Kirkgate outside Ridings Center entrance and cash converters.


Most recent image

No standard parts.

Parts include;

RS Reba dual air suspension with remote lockout
Superstar wheels with Continental X King tires
Superstar white handlebar, Green seat post, Gunmetal/red stem
Superstar QR seat clamp and QR skewers all in red
Green DMR grips
White san marco seat
shimano xt front brake and avid elixir 1 rear in white
shimano saint flat pedals
whit light and cateye comp on handelbar

Police contacted straight away when I came out from the shop (20 minute window and they stole it) just got told we will be in touch. Council camera looks like it was pointing in the area where the bike was locked.

Really hope I have a chance of getting this back


  • Bad news. I'll keep an eye out, I live near pinders and given the surrounding area it could be knocking around there.
  • Thanks I am gutted beyond believe but angry.

    Came out straight away seen it was gone called the police on 101 and despite the council camera pointing in the area when I locked the bike up and came out it was still pointing in this direction the police just didn't seem interested. With the amount of CCTV etc and a 20 minute window and it being a bright colored bike. I would have thought it would be easy to to track given it just happened but got told someone will look in to it within a couple of days.

    Tempted to go back with my other bike and put it there and just wait in the local cafe and see what happens.

    If it was a car maybe it would be a different story.

    I am angry at the thieve, but also angry at the police, no one turned up despite having the cut lock (maybe prints on it) its not like it is a cheap bike with the upgrades. Angry and frustrated
  • In fact given the location, 3 high rise flats are built on the shopping center overlooking the bike lock stand. I wouldn't be surprised if someone who lives in the flats spotted it, went down cut the lock and took it back in the flats.

    The amount of people that would have been present at 17:00 to 18:00 and nothing. Bike stand is on an island in the middle of the road so someone would have gone to it and pulled out bolt cutters, I doubt this would have been a subtle gesture.

    Thinking about it I always keep my bike locked in the same place when I go to the shop (busy area) so doubt it was opportunistic - who walks around with bolt cutters.

    What can I do, I want it back! But feel I don't have a chance
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