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Advice on MTB Wheels (Stock Weights)

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Hi guys,

Nice to join a new community and meet others with a common interest :)
I hope I have posted this topic in the correct place.

Ok so I bought my first MTB a few months ago, and I hadn't ridden since I was a kid but seem to have settled into it quite well for a noob :)
I bought a New Voodoo Bantu and aside from changing the Tyres to Semi Slicks and a more comfy saddle (had been a while) it is completely stock.
I'm thinking of making my first proper upgrade as the bike is still a bit heavy and after quite a bit of research I've decided the wheels are likely to be the best place to start.
So the bike comes with Voodoo double wall alloy - 32 hole disc specific as stock and I have looked into a few different wheels available and the weights of new wheels performance ect, no problems

But I'm having trouble finding the weight of the stock wheels anywhere, I'd really like to find this out so I have an idea of what to aim for with the new ones as prices vary wildly on different sets.

Also if anyone has any advice on a reasonable set of wheels, I'd be very interested in checking them out, but my main concern is finding the weight of the stock Voodoo wheels so I can decide what I want to do :)

I use the bike on the road most of the time but I do do the occasional bit of dirt/grass/gravel trekking as well.

Thanks in advance for any help, it will me invaluable to me :)

Best Regards and I look forward to reading more of the forum.



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