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Rockshox Boxxer wisdom needed

gustiegustie Posts: 118
edited October 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
I have 2 sets of boxxer forks, One pair of WC 2010 and one pair of 2012 R2C2 with medium spring.

I am aware the 2012 R2C2 is improved over the 2010, revalved etc, nicer dials, So I was wondering if it would work nice with the 2010 solo air leg swapped over.

As far as I can see with the 2010 WC there was an update kit from sram? did this address the solo air units? The 2011 seems to have a shorter air spring so it doesn't go up beyond the lower crown?

Also is it worth buying the charger damper? Is it much better than the 2012 R2C2 mission control? I am thinking it might be worthwhile but maybe not with the 2010 WC solo air. The awkward bit is that if i wanted to update the solo air, the 2010 spring upper tube has a different bore to the later ones? I'd have to buy a new upper and solo air to do this. If so then what do you think would be best with the charger.

The 2010 solo air or 2012 Coil.



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