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Sorry, another bb and hub/cassette question!

mikewoodsmikewoods Posts: 135
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Will a truvativ 07BB 68/113 (as on a 2010 Scott Speedster s50) accept a standard ultegra bb. Presumably so long as the bb is BSA it will but I don't know if it is BSA.

Also will a tiagra 10 speed cassette on the same bikes 8 speed hubs (need spacer?).

I'm selling my 105 5700 groupset and have had an enquiry from some one who owns a speedster with a triple Sora groupset. so would rather give him correct information rather than flog him something that might cause him grief.


  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,508
    Quick check on Bikepedia indicates that the S50 had a Truvativ Iso Flo 3 crankset which is a square taper type , so the Truvative 07BB 68/113 that is fitted shows that the diameter is a standard 68mm as per a normal BSA threaded type BB and the spindle length is 113 to accomodate the triple crankset. ... edster+S50

    My guess is that he would be fine swapping out the square taper BB and replacing it with the Hollowtech II system from your 5700 groupset.

    Always assuming that is that he can remove the cranks and find the right tool to remove the square taper BB. However that is his problem not yours.
  • mikewoodsmikewoods Posts: 135
    That's great cheers for the info. Hadn't seen bikepedia before, very helpful
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