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Routes near Kippax, Leeds

heppy1148heppy1148 Posts: 2
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Good evening folks,

Just moved to Kippax and am after some decent routes near me if poss.

Blues or blacks ... And advice much appreciated ;)



  • lukas125lukas125 Posts: 11
    Hello did you manage to work anything out yet? I'm in a similar position and trying to put together a decent local route.
  • BraythorBraythor Posts: 13
    I live in Leeds and have so far discovered the following:
    Stainburn Forest, north of Leeds is a good place for a couple of hours of fun. There are a few short red trails starting and ending in the car park that take between 10 and 20 mins, as well as a black route that is supposedly very technically challenging (I've not tried it, because having watched videos of it have decided I am nowhere near good enough). There are also some 'natural' lines that people have worn into the forest over the road.

    Little bit further, but still less than an hour's drive away is Parkwood Springs in Sheffield. It's only 2km or so around, but it is very well planned track and the descent section is a whole lot of fun.

    There are then more that are kind of near, like Gisburn and Dalby, but they're more for full days out and take a good 1.5 hrs driving at least to get to. Worth it though.
  • BriggoBriggo Posts: 3,823
    Or you could travel a bit more west and ride on the miles if natural trails
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