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any advice on Cuda Mayhem 20" boys?

b_becksb_becks Posts: 5
Hi everyone,

It's my first time posting and I'm looking for some advice on the Cuda Mayhem 20" for boys. ... EM-20-Boys

Santa is bringing my son a bike for xmas and I've become a woman obsessed trying to find the right bike. I've done what feels like loads of research, including looking through this forum, so I know Islabikes are the best but I just don't have the budget unfortunately and Santa doesn't really bring 2nd hand bikes, does he? My budget is about £150 but definitely below £200. The last bike Santa brought 2 yrs ago was a Ridgeback MX16 silver which has been a great bike. This time around I'm between Ridgeback RX20 (taking into account the advice I've seen that suspension is a waste and adds weight) and the Cuda Mayhem 20". I can get either bike for about £150 new. The Ridgeback only comes in grey or silver though and I don't think my son would appreciate essentially the exact same bike but bigger from Santa. You know what 7yr olds are like... :roll:

I think I've looked at all the alternatives mentioned in other threads but they are all around £250:
Frog bikes
Hotrock 20
Felt Q20R
Cube kid 200
Giant XTC Junior Lite

That leaves me with Cuda Mayhem 20". It's 11kg, so less than 0.5kg heavier than the Ridgeback, 140 mm cranks, Shimano gears, improved frame design, very cool colour which my son would love. I'm no expert but I can't see what makes this worse than the Ridgeback. I noticed on another thread someone said it was only just better than a BSO.

In terms of what kind of cycling he'll do...he loves cycling in the street and park, as well as the local cycle track with small hills and ramps. I have an old 2nd hand Saracen Hybrid and when my DD aged nearly 6 finds her confidence riding I'd like to take them out for longer local cycling but I doubt we'll do really far distances or actual mountain biking. DD is getting a pink Ridgeback MX16 from Santa this year.

So is the Cuda Mayhem half decent? Have I missed any great bikes at around the £150 mark?

cheers x


  • I can't tell you if they're any good, but you can get green cuda may hems on ebay ATM for 138.99 delivered. hope that helps.
  • Thank you :) that is helpful. I'm getting both kids a bike so every penny saved is a bonus. After this year I think they'll both get 2nd hand decent bikes but they're both needing a new one just now. Trouble with having a boy and a girl is it's harder to hand down a bike.

    Hopefully someone will have experience of the cuda bike they can share.

  • I have the same problem. Similar budget to you for my 2 girls aged 7 and 8. Here is a link to the Ebay listings: ... 1438.l2649 ... 1438.l2649

    Also, it may be worth checking out the Rock Riders from Decathlon. The adult versions get amazing reviews and the kids' bikes for the age range you need start around £170. Good luck!
  • Because I didn't get many replies over the weekend I also posted this question on 2 other forums. Other people have also pointed me to Decathlon and 2 Carerra bikes but they're alll over 3kg heavier than the cuda mayhem and ridgeback bikes and all have suspension. From everything I've read I thought I was looking for as light as possible, no suspension and child sized components like shorter cranks and reachable or adjustable brakes.

    I'm not an expert but I do get obsessed when I'm buying stuff like this for the kids. When I got my son a scooter snd skateboard I made sure I knew what type wheels and bearings etc to look for rather than buying a 'toy' one from toys r us.

    I'm confused and very possibly far too obsessed! :)
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,850
    I got my youngest a Giant MTX125 a couple of years ago thinking its a good make and won't be to heavy, boy was i wrong. Don't get me wrong it was a good well built bike but it weighed as much as my old Ali road bike at 11+ kg. I have recently got him a 2nd hand 24 inch wheeled specialized hotrock without suspension and have done that up with new lighter parts as required. Weighs less than the old 20 inch wheeled Giant, haven't weighed it properly but certainly less than he is used to. As long as the bike isn't to heavy the kids will adapt and overcome if only using it on the park. i took a friend of my sons to local cycle centre on his bike during the school holiday and nearly ricked my back lifting it up onto my rack, he managed pretty much ok. Worst thing i have found is gear shifters for kids bikes my son couldn't change his gears using the twist grip things even when i fitted new ones, fitted a trigger shifter and he didn't look back. Unless they are getting into cycling seriously its pointless getting a Isla, Moda, Frog, Forme junior, Kona bike unless you have plenty of money. Cuda, Decathlon, Carrera blast,Ridgeback are plenty good enough just steer clear of Toys r us type heavy duty BMX style bike shaped objects. I know when i was looking around for my son i came across a webpage dedicated to choosing the correct bike for a kid, unfortunately i cannot remember the site, it may have been through a link on here but worth searching for. And finally yes it is all to easy to get obsessed and confused trying to get your kids the best you can get, do they appreciate it, probably not.
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  • You're so right. As long as it looks cool he probably won't mind all the other stuff. He wanted a muddy fox bike but they seem like cheap and heavy bikes so I'm overruling that one. Someone brought this bike to my attention Vitus Minium kid ... -prod85582

    any thoughts?
  • bartimaeusbartimaeus Posts: 1,812
    I did not know CRC were doing Vitus kids bikes... that looks very good. At 10.8 kg a fair bit heavier than an Islabike but it is massively cheaper... as you say you want to be going for 'light' and rigid, as suspension forks are pointless on kids bikes unless you start spending serious money. The Vitus mountain bikes have been getting very good reviews, and as a CRC 'own brand' the pricing is very competitive.
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  • ckracer76ckracer76 Posts: 2
    We ordered a Cuda Mayhem Purple for my daughter and it arrived today. We are very happy with the bike.

    The bicycle is supplied from distributor Moore Large & Co. who also supply Haro BMX and Moda bikes among other brands. We bought ours from Winstanleys bike shop .

    The bike is supplied boxed and requires some assembly and bicycle know-how although the gears were set up perfectly by the factory. I oiled the chain and cassette and adjusted the brakes. Brake levers are adjustable with a screw adjuster to bring them nearer to the handlebars for little hands. Tyres pumped to 40psi and pedals attached with a spanner and a touch of grease.

    Good build quality and components for the £140 we paid and it's very lightweight which is perfect for kids. We chose this model over the Specialized Hotrock 20 Pink as it does not have a cheap suspension fork at the front to weigh it down or go wrong (plus the Cuda is £110 cheaper).

    The frame is painted and well finished and made of aluminium so it won't rust. The V-brakes are powerful and the 6-speed Shimano gears although basic are proven and easily operated by a Shimano Revo twist grip.

    Downsides; brake levers are plastic rather than alloy so are at risk if bike is dropped. Tyres are good quality Kenda tyres but black and white off-road MTB style tyres which I will change to Michelin Diabolo City tyres. Most of her riding is street so a street/city/BMX tyre would be faster and safer in the wet.

    This little bike should prove durable and provide a couple of years cycling fun until she outgrows it.

    Overall 9/10
  • ckracer76ckracer76 Posts: 2
    Cuda Mayhem 20

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