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How the hell do I adjust this headset? (pics inside)

bus_terbus_ter Posts: 337
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I have a Merida Ride CF95 with some sort of FSA headset. They describe the headset as a "Big Conoid S-Bearing Neck Pro".

I have some play in the forks (slight rocking) and want to increase the pretension. However I've never seen a headset like this before. There is no cap bolt as such and the cap actually unscrews from threads on the outer part of the metal piece you can see below. From the design it appears the stem doesn't need to be undone and is separate from the adjustment? The obvious adjustment appeared to be the bolt you can see in the middle, however this is tightened down firmly. I'm assuming I might have to undo this bolt then adjust something and then tighten it back up? Really I have no idea! Can anyone help?




  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,783
    The cap itself is used to preload it. Loosen the stem bolts a little, screw the cap back on and torque it until the play is removed, then tighten the stem bolts again.

    The part inside the steerer is just an expanding plug, does the same job as a star nut but without gouging your steerer.
  • dilatorydilatory Posts: 565
    The inner bit you photographed is an expansion plug. The allen key will widen/contract the expander that is inside the carbon steerer tube (also used to reinforce where your stem clamps - don't overtighten!) which effectively works like a star bolt. Your cap will screw into this and tighten out the play. Then tighten up your stem as usual.

    You'll notice that the allen key diameter for the expander is thinner than the top cap, so if you need to move the plug you can loosen the clamp and then pull it out complete with the top cap.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Basically the same as any other headset.

    Slacken stem bolts and tighten the top cap.

    So put it back together and treat as normal.
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  • bus_terbus_ter Posts: 337
    OK so I just ignore the metal part in the middle and adjust it like a normal headset that comes with a a stem cap bolt. So undo the stem bolts, thread on the cap and put an allen key through the hole in the cap top and turn the whole thing to set the tension. Then tighten up the stem bolts.

    Thanks everyone! It confused me with the different design.
  • dilatorydilatory Posts: 565
    No don't put the key through the top cap into the plug. Use the top cap bolt hole to tighten it up.

    Imagine the expansion plug is just a star nut but instead of bolting through the cap into the nut, the cap screws straight onto it.
  • bus_terbus_ter Posts: 337
    ok got it. Thanks :-)
  • dilatorydilatory Posts: 565
    Confused the balls outta me when I had it first too. Managed to loosen the expansion plug and have it drop right down the steerer. Cue lots of time spent fishing it out haha.
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