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How to tell if rims are worn?

borisfaceborisface Posts: 273
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As the title says really. I've been riding some pro-lite braccianos for 3 years or so and have done maybe 6k on them. The rims don't have a wear indicator but having just had a look and a feel there is a definite concave profile of perhaps a millimeter to the braking track. I haven't noticed any issues other than that with them. I live in the mountains and do lots of hurtling down them as well as slogging up them and I weigh 79kgs using swisstop pads if that helps. Should I be worried, replacing?


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 26,476
    Yes, you should be worried if they are concave. ProLite can be successfully rebuilt using similar profile Kinlin XR 240 (or is it the XR 270... can't remember)
  • comsensecomsense Posts: 245
    Have a look at this :

    I got one and recommend it. Had a front rim blow out on a descent once. Don't intend to have it happen again.
  • borisfaceborisface Posts: 273
    Oh damn! They've been brilliant wheels, stayed 100% true despite what I've thrown at them. The rear hub is slightly rough but still spins for ages. I guess some new bearings and a rebuild may be in order. I'm living in Portugal for the next few months so may buy something else for now then get them rebuilt when back in the UK. Any suggestions?
  • General consensus seems to be if rims get below 1 mm left worry as while it isn't exact they tend to blow around 7/8 mm - personally once mine go below 1mm on the front they will be retired and replaced. Rear I am currently pushing it , Harry Rowland said to me if the rear goes its an inconvenience if the front goes its really dangerous.
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