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2013 Cannondale RZ 120 1

lillywhite79lillywhite79 Posts: 108
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Hi all

A few pics of my new pride & joy which arrived yesterday evening, Ive had a few hardtails but decided to get my first full suspension bike

Im over the moon with it, only been for a raz round the local park before work this morning :lol: Initial impressions are a. It feels fast and fairly light, feels at least as quick and nimble as my Marin hardtail, and b. more comfortable than what Im used to with the rear suss working away!!

Anyway heres a few pics, hope you all like it :D Cheers & roll on the weekend so I can get out for a proper blast :D











  • Nice looking bike that, now go get it dirty :)
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  • neilrosser wrote:
    Nice looking bike that, now go get it dirty :)

    Thanks mate. Glad I went for the black now as almost went for the RZ 120 2 in white...the matt black finish looks a bit carbon fibre-ish! Always wanted a Cannondale so really pleased with it.

    Will deffo get out and introduce her to some mud at Swinley this weekend, cant wait
  • Nice one! always liked the RZs. Glad you got plenty of pics because it'll never look that brand new again :twisted:
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  • Get this thread updated and the pics working I need inspiration :)
  • A few more pics

    Covered about 200 miles so far mainly at Swinley, love this bike :D










  • Hi all, quick update

    Ive swapped the Fizik Tundra 2 saddle back to a more comfortable Cannondale one. The fizik was ok for short distances but anything about 2hrs plus was becoming a pain in the **** :lol: Removed the censored Fender mud guards too as they were pretty rubbish, looked good but didnt really stop muck going all over me and the bike.

    Ive fitted some Superstar Lock on's as I had these on my previous bikes and do find the fuller grip more comfortable than the slimmer Cannondale ones. Still really enjoying riding this bike, I'm learning a few skills on this and have had a few offs at Tunnel Hill recently where Ive been pushing my luck a bit, so I applied some matte heli tape here and there to protect the frame as well (mainly around the headtube and downtube)

    The last pic is my camera mounted on the bars with a cheap 5 quid clamp from ebay. It looks a bit funny granted but works pretty well, no movement after a few goes round Swinley Blue, its no go pro but does the job pretty well.





  • Looking good chap.

    Good to hear you've been problem free, I trust you've been keeping an eye on my thread but if not I recently had issues where I pulled the swingarm bushes out there housing ... No idea how this happened assume from whips and not pulling it back in enough or something either way it caused a movment in the swingarm and both needed to be replaced. Something to look out for.

    What's next for you mate ?
  • Hi Secret Rider, yes been keeping an eye on your thread and must say your bike is looking great :-) You’ve really made some key upgrades in the right areas bet it’s a fair bit lighter now?

    Not good that you’ve has probs with the linkage though - could you let me know which bolts specifically so I can keep a close eye on it, can’t say I’ve noticed any play on mine so far though. Only thing has been a squeaky noise coming from the headset / head tube area, checked it’s all nice and tight with no play so maybe just needs some grease or something. Also the rear brake pads seize up sometimes, think I prob just need to bleed the brakes that’s all.

    Regarding upgrades, I want to go tubeless, install a dropper post and get some lighter wheels. Also still considering the 1x10 set up, so pretty much the same mods as you have made. Thing is I’ve recently changed jobs so closer to home now and thinking of something a little more commuter friendly as want to ride to work for fitness, so any major upgrades for the RZ may have to be put on hold for te time being. Got my eye on the Flash 29er Alloy 2 that’s on Pauls Cycles for £1k, very tempting especially on cyclesceme. Thing is I want to keep the RZ120 and have best of both worlds!
  • Thanks ! I will update my thread with specifically what the issue was. I will also add pics.

    Good upgrade list, going tubeless makes a big Dif to how the bike feels depending on where and how you ride it.
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