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Min. tyre pressure?

cescocesco Posts: 252
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Hi, just a quick n00b question.I was just putting some new Vredestein Fortezza TriComps on my bike, and just noticed that a minimum pressure of 115 PSI is advised on the label. I currently ride 90front-100rear, and more towards 100-115 during the summer months. What could go wrong, cos I can't think of anything?


  • dnwhite88dnwhite88 Posts: 285
    Tyre pressure depends on rider weight and personal preference
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  • cescocesco Posts: 252
    dnwhite88 wrote:
    Tyre pressure depends on rider weight and personal preference

    Thanks, but that's exactly why the minimum thing confused me.
  • majormantramajormantra Posts: 2,094
    Ignore it. Lots of tyres have silly minimums. My 34mm CX ones say something like 60psi minimum, which would be lethal offroad. I run about 30.

    Stick to your usual pressures if the tyres are the same size as your previous ones.
  • Michelin have a guide for tyre pressures:, depending on bodyweight.

    Actually, for the Michelin tyres I had fitted, their recommended pressure was a bit lower than stated on their website, and I found the lower pressure to be feel about right for all my tyres.

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