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Bib tights for cold mornings

friedpizzainbatterfriedpizzainbatter Posts: 166
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Yesterday mornings commute was a coldish one at -3, my endura thermolite tights, which are usually ok on cold mornings weren't doing to good a job of keeping the chill out. Are there any good tights for when the weather gets into minus figures or are you better just adding a pair of leg warmers?
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  • Lusso Repel Bib Tights are great for £70.
  • As usual, you can spend a lot or spend less.

    Probably the cheapest option is winter tights over your normal bib shorts, which I use when it's really cold. Down to about 0 C personally I prefer 3/4 shorts, but these tend to cost more because of the pad.
  • The warmest bibtights I've ever used and still do are the Santini Extreme. I picked up a pair a couple of years ago from GB Cycles for £40. I've worn them when it's been below 0 plus more with wind chill at 7am for my commute.

    I also wear them on the weekend ride and they keep me warm for a good hour.
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