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Comment in a newspaper article

squiredsquired Posts: 1,153
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I had to post this to see what the general consensus was. An article on a local newspaper's website about the recent spate of cycling accidents includes the following paragraph:

"A large proportion of bike accidents happen because a cyclist has pulled out in front of a vehicle and been hit, when lorries and buses are undertaken and when drivers open their doors into oncoming cyclists."

I have to admit that it made be a little bit mad. I certainly don't know of many bike accidents where the cyclist had pulled in front of a motorist. It comes across to me as a typical "cyclists are to blame" comment.


  • KoncordskiKoncordski Posts: 1,009
    Let it go mate, it'll eat you up inside.

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  • Maybe they got it the wrong way round?

    'A vehicle has pulled in front of a cyclist and been hit' (ie hit by the cyclist ploughing into the side of it) seems a much more common cause of accidents to me.
  • rjsterryrjsterry Posts: 22,590
    Local papers are best used for lining cats' litter trays.
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