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Good rides from Palma Majorca

littledove44littledove44 Posts: 871
edited November 2013 in Tour & expedition
Can anyone suggest some good routes, or point me to a website?

Looking for day rides, 30 to 60 miles, starting and finishing in Palma. Not too hilly, so I guess I avoid the northeast. Perhaps more like 1000 to 3000ft of climbing.



  • JackPozziJackPozzi Posts: 1,191
    Could try a search in Garmin Connect. Click on Explore then Activities and you can then set filters for distance and type of activity.

    Lots of nice places around the island, Cala figuera and Petra stand out for me as good places for lunch while avoiding the hilly areas, although my favourite route from Palma take in Valldemossa then along to Port de Soller, it is fairly hilly but nothing too serious and lots of nice long swooping descents
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 19,852
    Here you go, 57 miles / 6000 ft from Palma Nova, you could obviously join this nearer to Palma

    and a more lazy 28 miles / 2700 ft
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  • Thanks to all for suggestions.
    The weather was awesome - 25 to 28 degrees
    It only rained once, and that was a planned day off anyway
    The roads were very smooth (who paid for them I wonder?)
    Very helpful bike shop rented us decent carbon bikes. ... &prod=road

    Some lessons learned.
    1. Worth a return trip.
    2. There are lots of constant slope climbs and the cycle map provided for tourists has all the info you need.
    3. The local drivers are so courteous. Even going through the city centre, which we did a lot, they always give way to cyclists.
    4. There are lots of dedicated cycle tracks in the city.
    5. Riding a road bike along a narrow cycle track is very difficult after two litres of Sangria.
  • Thanks to all for suggestions.
    The weather was awesome - 25 to 28 degrees

    Not too hot for cycling?
    The roads were very smooth (who paid for them I wonder?)

    You're right to a large extent that the EU pays for them - however - there is an absence of freeze-thaw winters the way we have in the UK, so a newly surfaced road is going to stay looking fresh and new for far far longer than it would in the UK. Having said that you obviously didn't ride to Cap de Formentor, horrible surface!
  • duskdusk Posts: 583
    probably too late fro you but I went from Playa de Palma to Col de Soller (up and back down the same side) then looped round to Bunyola and back. You could miss out Col De Soller to reduce the climbing a bit
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