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Hill Repeat Sessions

MartinGTMartinGT Posts: 475
I am looking at doing some hill repeat sessions as part of my training.

How often do people do these sessions, once a week? Twice a week?



  • It really depends on what you're training for. If it is a particular event then your training will obviously revolve around the distance/terrain of the event. If you're just training for general fitness then I'd have thought one hill rep session and one 'long slow distance' session a week would suit most people, with general tootling around any time they can fit it in over the rest of the week. Have you got an event in mind?
  • It depends what your training for, I can't give to much advice without.

    They are good for improving your strength and recovery from hard efforts and predominantly used later winter, pre-season. Once warmed up, don't hold back on the climbing part even if you do less repeats. Quality over quantity! Use the recovery time!

    Because they're tough sessions once a week is fine unless you recover like a pro!
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  • is just climbing normally or say maybe in a slightly higher gear ok for hill repeat sessions or do you really need to bust your nuts on them to be effective?
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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Go hard or go home.
  • njee20 wrote:
    Go hard or go home.
    go hard it is then :P
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