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Bike insurance recommendations

jacknorelljacknorell Posts: 62
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Trying to find a good supplier of bike insurance (preferably covered in household contents insurance) is a nightmare.

Either the limit is too low (need to cover £800) or it doesn't cover anything but total loss: Most specialist providers don't cover when something is stolen off your bike. So theft of parts isn't covered unless they nick the frame as well!

Who do you use and is it actually worth the money?


  • GentracerGentracer Posts: 29
    Marks and Spencer house hold insurance covers bike up to £2500.00 unspecified and over for an extra fee if you specify them. (In a locked shed / garage), and covers them away from home under certain conditions. (ie not left unlocked)

    Had the mis fortune to get knock off my bike back end of last year, and they were very good, in dealing with the claim. Only down side was having to send the bike away to thier prefered company wheelies, but they paid for everything, so i wasn't out of pocket.

    Paid out quickly, and then chased the car owner who magically disappeared once they found out the costs involved, and got the money back from them so it didn't affect my no claims.

    All in all a good result for me.
  • Dont go with Cycleguard, they wont pay out if your bike gets stolen.They have a dreadfull reputation.
    Get your bikes insured on your house insurance and make sure its for enough, this is the cheapest way to do it.
  • jacknorelljacknorell Posts: 62
    Thanks Gentracer: I did go with M&S. Hardly the cheapest but coverage was great and if I end up buying another pricey bike they cover it at pretty low monthly cost too. Have heard they're good on actually paying out.

    @Dandelionclock30: I've heard that before, that's one reason getting decent insurance is so hard as the specialists really don't pay out / cover the standard issues while still being very expensive!
  • Anyone have experience with ETA ?
  • cookeeemonstercookeeemonster Posts: 1,990
    Anyone have experience with ETA ?

    I use them...but not claimed so don't know what they're like in the event of a claim :)

    They cover a lot and their t&c's seem a lot more reasonable than most though
  • bockersbockers Posts: 146
    I used M&S and my commuter and road bike were stolen 18 months ago. M&S (or at least whoever does their insurance) were fantastic. I did have to go though wheelies but as they could not get what I was after I took the cash option, less 12%, and got my own bikes sorted which were far better than the wheelies spec.

    However once stolen they will not cover bikes over £2k. And any bikes that are covered have to be chained with a good lock and chain, which must be off the ground and anchored to the building, when left at home.
  • condormancondorman Posts: 811
    http://www.specialistschemes.butterwort ... rent_id=36

    They're who I use. New for old policy and never had any problems when claiming. Last claim was made when my stem failed and I hit the deck - paid up for new stem, bars, bar tape.
    Condor Pista
  • PhunkyPhilPhunkyPhil Posts: 143
    I use Direct line and my S-Works bike is covered under the general household contents when inside my house which is where I store it. It also covers the commute bike as its under a certain value which is stored in the shed.

    I'm not to fussed about the away from house cover for my main bike as I never leave it in attended and the commute bike is covered when at the station as long as its locked with a suitable lock.
  • PorroPorro Posts: 7
    Hi there! I 've only posted once more, but anyway. My bike is insured with ETA, I've only ever claimed with them for well, 'breakdown' and they sent a truck out immediately and then didn't get any premium jump on my renewal. I can't possibly comment why I had to call for a breakdown, but they've always been incredibly helpful. I think at the time I mentioned I could just get a train and they even offered to pay my train fare.

    Oh and in addition I added some new wheels to my bike, they just wanted a hand written receipt(hand builts), emailed to them and some pictures and were happy to add it.

    Hopefully I'll never have to find out what they're like in a pinch but so far so good. To be fair when we're next looking at house insurance I'm semi tempted to go with M&S and ditch them. Either way hope this helps!
  • dilemnadilemna Posts: 2,187
    Specifically named on the house contents insurance is the way to go. Insured at home and away, the latter provided they are locked. I use the best D locks Abus Granite X-Plus when I leave mine at work or anywhere else. Was thinking of taking them off the house insurance to bring the premium down a little as I have had them insured 10+ years and not made a claim, the Abus D-locks must be doing their job.
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