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Lezyne pump defective check valve?

outdawesfoxedoutdawesfoxed Posts: 22
edited July 2013 in Workshop
Hello all,

I've had a Lezyne micro floor drive HP since November. Probably used it 10 or 15 times at most. This morning I was using it to inflate an inner for a friend when I was suddenly unable to pump air out, although I could draw it in. I've removed the hose and this is fine, I've also removed the top handle and can see no damage within the tube. It would seem the check valve is defective.

Is this diagnosis correct and is there a way to fix it? Many thanks for any help!


  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,587
    Did you unscrew the tubes valve?
    I'm doubting that a brand new pump will fail that quickly. Although it is possible. I'm guessing operator error. Key word "guessing". If you're not sure what's happening(and it's your pump) it's pretty hard for anyone else to know much of anything.
  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    It could possibly be the check valve but could also be a stuck presta valve in the tube you were trying to pump. Have you tried using the pump on other tubes since then?
  • itsnotaraceitsnotarace Posts: 516
    Push the valve in a little to release some air before screwing the lezyne head on. You need to break the seal before any more air will go in
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