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Chiltern Challenge 100

Anybody doing this event on 26th June?

The weather looks good for Sunday but I think I will pay the price for not doing any proper hill training!

Has anybody completed this event before? I'd like some idea of how much pain I'm about to go through!


  • neilinkerneilinker Posts: 5
    I did it a couple of years ago and I'm doing it again this year. Most of the pain will be in the first 40 miles if you're doing the 100 miles (first 20 if it's the 100km) beginning from the start with a climb up to Fawley. Pheasant's Ridge and the slog up from Turville to Christmas Common aren't too bad but Britwell hill gets fairly steep. After that it's a decent downhill to a feed station and pretty much "rolling" countryside from then on. Best feed station ever was at Crowmarsh Gifford - I was sorely tempted to stay for the afternoon.
    Overall, I thought it was a good route through some lovely countryside. While none of the hills were too long, I did feel like I'd had a good workout.

    Hope you enjoy it.
  • planetzedplanetzed Posts: 36
    Looks a nice but unbalanced route. Most of my local training roads but £50?? WTF
  • TimInnoTimInno Posts: 46
    I did this yesterday. Was my first 100 mile ride. It was a lot hillier than I expected. Final third was pretty flat/rolling though so wasn't too bad.

    The feed stations were good, but I thought the toilet situation was pretty awful. Not enough at all. What did others think?
  • Johnson4Johnson4 Posts: 6
    I did the 76 mile route.

    Was my first sportive and I really enjoyed it.

    Thought it was really well organised although some of the signage could have been better.

    Was prepared for the hills, just not for that flaming wind !
  • foxydanfoxydan Posts: 83
    I also did the 76 mile route and the course wasn't particularly difficult. What made it hard was the bloody wind! Had enough of it by about 60 miles so the last 16 were a little bit of a slog.

    Overall fairly well organised and decent feed stations. The first did only have one toilet like someone mentioned. The only quibble was it felt quite flat in terms of atmosphere. There were sections of the ride where I didn't see anyone for 10 miles or so. I also thought there were too many A roads used but apart from that not it was alright. Not sure if I would do again but you never know.
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