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TrapperTrapper Posts: 35
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Eleven of us have a chalet booked for a week in Chamonix for the first week in September. We are all competant riders who are comfortable with anything the Peaks, CYB, Afan or Glentress can chuck at us. (Well only half the squad can clear the Beast at Ladybower). What are the trails like around Chamonix and does anybody have any route suggestions that may lie off the beaten track?


  • eric_draveneric_draven Posts: 1,173
    great spot to ride had a couple of days there about 5 years ago on an alps road trip,probably the most technical natural iv'e riden in europe,you can get a book called the chamonix bike book,quite a few trails to go at in there
  • TrapperTrapper Posts: 35
    Thanks for that. A purchase shall be made
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