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Giant Bikes Release Cycle

theblarneytheblarney Posts: 102
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I am looking at buying the Trance X 29 and according to most of the LBS and Giant website they are out of stock. One shop did say that they were expecting the Giant 2014 models to start rolling out in June/July time but this seems a little early to me.

Just wondered what your thoughts are?




  • Kowalski675Kowalski675 Posts: 4,412
    That tallies with what my LBS told me - apparently Giant have stopped production of 2012 models already.
  • homers_doublehomers_double Posts: 7,233
    Why would you be producing 2012 models in may 2013?
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  • Kowalski675Kowalski675 Posts: 4,412
    D'oh! I meant 2013 models, lol.
  • sofaboy73sofaboy73 Posts: 574
    can't comment on giant in particular, but when looking to buy a new bike at the start of may last year i really struggled with many brands as there was just no stock left. many shops saying the importers had no plans to bring more units in until new models availbale august / september time. apparently lots of importers / manufactures had cut there stock levels due recession in uk. as i'd had my bike nicked, waiting for up to 5 months to even get a look at the bikes i was interested in wasn't an option and narrowed to field somewhat. june / july does seem early to typically see new years model coming in stock. might just be a case of if you know the bike you want, holding on. or having to ring round all the shops yourself to track one down and hoping it's not too far away
  • 97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,222
    Try Pauls cycles
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