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Inner tube help...

eupharieseupharies Posts: 43
edited February 2013 in Road beginners
Hello I have a Scott Sub 30 2011 Hybrid

Got a puncture, but cannot seem to work out what size inner tube i need, i have no time to go to the shop to find out so must order them online!

Im sure its obvious, but id rather sound stupid and ask than purchase the wrong ones and be without my bike for even longer haha :)

Any help would be much appreciated!



  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Why not just buy a puncture repair kit?

    Evans list the 2012 Scott Sub 30 as having 700x37c tyres, so it's a reasonable bet that yours has too.

    Looking at Continental tubes on Wiggle I see you could go for either:

    700 x 28-37
    or 700 x 32-47

    Only other thing to consider is the valve type. You'd want the same as you already have, it would be a bit daft having different valves front and rear.

    Presta valves are thinner stemmed and have a little brass nut which you have to undo before you can press in the central pin which sticks out. Standard on road bikes.
    Schraeder valves are fatter, the kind you get on car tyres, and the central pin sits inside the valve stem. Standard on mountain bikes.

    And if you haven't already got them, order a pump and a repair kit at the same time
  • Awesome cheers dude!

    Yeh it has the presta valve, I shall be investing in a repair kit definitely! :)

    Thanks alot for your help!
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