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new rider chain problem

adey8balladey8ball Posts: 25
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hi there

i understand that this may be best appropriate in the workshop forum but as its a probable stupid question i think it should be here.

anyway the situation. my 8 speed chain broke on the last ride on the very first of the hills during the ride. i did the inevitable del boy to the left. i think i have traced it back to a broken rivet about 2 links from the quick link/master link. before the ride i had done a clean up on the bike and also wanted to try out the newly purchased chain tool (see where this is going). i would seem likely that the area that i tested it on would seem to be the rivet that failed. i am not quite sure if there is any damage to the inner or outer link. would you be able to advise on what my options are.

i can only think of
A. buy a new chain
B. try and source rivets if the links are ok
C. install another quick link/master link
D. hand over to LBS and get it sorted
E. get local cycling group to help me fix it and show me the optimum way to sort it out

personally i would not want to use options A and D. would it be necessary to only use rivets or could i use quick links. is it ok to run with more than one set of quick links. if it needs to be riveted back in then i will probably get them and get an experienced person to guide me. i tried to watch youtube clips and i guess i have already made a hash of it.

thanks for looking and all help greatly appreciated



  • It would be my assumption that you just didn't push the pin in enough. I can't give a proper diagnosis without seeing it, but problems like this are very common when learning to work on chains; you aren't the only one. Have you reunited the chain?
  • hipshothipshot Posts: 371
    Simons right, it happens all the time, chain goes pop where you've previously split it.

    You might have bent the inner/outer plates of the link. Get a tame LBS or local club to show you how to stick a new link on, you don't need a new chain unless it's old or you mangled it on your crank.
  • Sounds like Simon is spot on.

    If its the same link that you used the chain tool on that failed then it does sound like the pin was not replaced properly.

    Good on you for trying your new kit out though, as on our club run the other day we had 3 new members who punctured within 50 yards of each other all on new bikes with lots of gear and none of them knew how to change it. Was quite funny that they had about 10 "experienced" riders fixing it for them.
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
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