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Rob21 - top notch!

TanukiRiderTanukiRider Posts: 444
Bought a Garmin 500 off Rob21. A bit apprehensive after the Garmin scams that have gone on recently on here, but, pleased to say this went without a hitch and I am now the happy owner of a Garmin 500.

Rob gave me his mobile number before the sale was completed in case I had any problems, and he kept me informed every step, including a scan of the Special Delivery receipt via email.

A top notch seller, deal with him in confidence.

Cheers Rob! :D
Scott Addict R3
Boardman CX 2014


  • rob21rob21 Posts: 284
    you got me all :oops: ... :lol:

    Enjoy it mate and it may spur you on to get on your bike more :wink:
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